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Highlighted from the current issue

No country for old men
By RM Vaughan

Baby boomers: drop the watercolours, back away slowly

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Interview: Road Warrior
Ken Lewenza is in the CAW driver's seat — but where's he going? By Paul McLaughlin

Spotlight: A shot in the arm for boys
They're often unwitting carriers of HPB, so why no vaccinations? By Rosemary Counter

Easily Missed: Land of the lost
Canada finally restores citizenship to thousands stripped of their status By Barbara Wickens

Strong Feelings on... Proportional Representation
We're loving Fair Vote Canada, but are less than impressed by the media's PR coverage By Jesse Kinos-Goodin

Calculator: Help wanted
Need EI? Three words: location, location, location By Jenn Hardy

Security: The road to Damascus
Our own security forces sold out these men. It could happen again By Kerry Pither

Politics: Baffled at the ballot box
If our electoral system seems screwy, that's because it is By Bruce M. Hicks

Marketing: The colour of money
Marketers will slap the "green" label on just about anything. Don't be fooled By Darrell Harvey


Profile: Art attack
Quebec duo ATSA celebrate ten years of artistic shock and awe By Tim McSorley

Easily missed: Reclaiming reality
Oil sands reclamation projects are more talk than action By Matt Jones

Whatever happened to: The anti-nuke movement?
A dormant movement is stirring again as new plants hit the drawing board By William Stodalka

Argument: A few good men
Many "men's rights" arguments are thinly veiled misogyny. But not all. By Alex Molotkow

List: All tomorrow's parties
This vancouver group promotes a very different kind of bash By Michelle Miller

Graphic: Caught in the web
Repressive regimes are increasingly crackign down on blogging provocateurs By Daniel Tseghay

Politics: Please look after this bear
Will Ukraine be the next battleground in the New Cold War? By Mark McKinnon

Economics: Unnatural resources
Oil and gas wealth threatens to unbalance an already precarious economic situation By Robin Boadway

Feminism: "Sexism" sells out
Crying wolf when the term doesn't fit won't help women By Jennifer Crump

Profile: Fighting AIDS, one day at a time
Dr. Jane Philpott's campaign turns a day's pay into much more By Heather Kohlmann

Easily missed: Small arms mean big trouble
Arms-deal secrecy is ruining Canada's reputation By Jenn Hardy

Whatever happened to: The anti-fur movement? Pelted with abuse
Despite '80s activism, fur is back — and raking it in By Melissa Wilson

Easily missed: Discs bring risks
Vinyl records' resurgence means more toxic PVC By Jesse Kinos-Goodin

List: Mythbustiers
What's real and what's fake in the porno biz? By Lindsay Kneteman

Argument: Get ships into shape
Making treatment mandatory would protect fragile great lakes By Craig Saunders

Graphic: Merchants of death
[Link opens PDF file] By Derek Rosin

Law: At the dark end of the street
It's time to legalize and regulate sex work By Peter Tupper

Politics: A house divided
Elected senators are a 21st century no-brainer By Bruce M. Hicks

Economics: Paved with money
Free-flowing infrastructure funds are tempting targets for cash-strapped cities By Ellen Russell

Profile: Carbon copying
Tim Harvey proves it’s possible to go fuel free By Lauren McKeon

Easily missed: Teaching genocide
One school board gets a lesson in definitions By Melita Kuburas

WTF? Harping on freedom

Graphic: It’s the end of the world as we know it...
[Link opens PDF file] By Melissa Wilson

List: Three ways to build a better human
By Robert Near

Whatever happened to: Overpopulation? Pop goes the world
Can there be too many people? By Garrett Zehr

Environment: A way without the will
Bad choices lead to bad outcomes By Zoe Cormier

Economics: The way the world works
Our economic future lies in the politics we play By Jim Stanford

Profile: If you build it, green will come
Sustainable building program hits the nail on the head By Jesse McLean

Easily missed: Dam Canadians
China's destructive Three Gorges project has links to home By Rosalyn Yake

List: Seven ways to get off the bottle
By Melissa Wilson

Whatever happened to: P3s? When private met public
The evolution of a great debate By Amber Dowling

Argument: Kicking the grass addiction
Why it's time to cut the lawn out of our lives By Megan Griffith-Greene

Economics: Beware the good old days
The welfare state's past isn't the key to its future By Ellen Russell

Politics: Franken-Steyn's monster
Uncovering the consequences of "free" speech By Donald Gutstein

Etiquette: I regret to inform you...
Apologies without action are sorry indeed By Heather Mallick

Profile: Farm folk, city folk
Urban agriculture: coming soon to a backyard near you? By Jessica Johnston

Easily missed: Downstream disease
Pollution may be causing high diabetes rates among Aboriginals By Graeme McElheran

WTF?: Be afraid of the dark

List: Five charities that are worth it
By Lindsay Kneteman

Graphic: Charity by the numbers
By Derek Rosin [Link opens PDF file]

Whatever happened to: Not discussion your wages? You’re so money
Gone are taboos around talking about wages By Tyler Olsen

Argument: Pay the writer!
Why Canada’s content producers need a union By Stephanie O’Hanley

Economics: Gimme shelter
Banks profit in good times, but in bad, we all share the pain By Ellen Russell

Politics: No biofoolin’
It may sound great, but ethanol is all politics By Zoe Cormier

Law: It’s a hard-knock life for…?
Why we’re surprised when babies are abandoned By Bob Tarantino

Profile: This land is our land
A Mohawk woman’s border battle By Tania Tabar

Easily missed: Stuck in neutral
Greener cars come slowly to unions By Stephen Hui

WTF?: Lights, camera…robots?
Canwest’s new cuts bring sci-fi to local news By Derek Rosin

Whatever happened to: Killer bees?
All the buzz on the B-movie baddies By Vanessa Milne

List: 3 reasons to be afraid, very afraid
Some (not-so) far-out scenarios to keep you on your toes By Emily Rauhala

Argument: The path ahead
Why cities need to take cycling seriously By Scott McAnsh

Politics: Pol psychology
Are conservatives just born that way? By Ray Conlogue

Economics: How can I cut taxes? Let me count the ways
Election courtship, Harper style By Ellen Russell

Contrarian: A convenient untruth
Charting the rise of environmental “declinism” By Andrew Potter

Profile: A beautiful day in the neighbourhood
Citizens’ Committee cleans up in Montreal By Dominique Jarry-Shore

Easily missed: Dollars and sense
Quantifying the cost of homelessness By Sean Condon

WTF?: A flare for free labour
By Lynn Cunningham

List: Four ways to greener travel
Tips for lightening your environmental load By Lindsay Kneteman

Argument: Give us a break
More holiday time would make happier, more productive workers By Barbara Byers

Whatever happened to: Saving the Amazon?
By Heather Kohlmann

Graphic: Planes, trains and carbon footprints
By Tim Bousquet When travelling, method matters
Page 1 Page 2 [Links open PDF files]

Politics: Don’t send flowers yet
Despite its recent defeat in Ontario, electoral reform is alive and kicking By Scott Piatkowski

Economics: Time to tame the wild bird
A lesson in lunacy By Jim Stanford

Profile: Olympic objections
Students for a Free Tibet take on China By Andrea Chiu

Easily missed: Boxes for Jesus
Canadian students become unwitting Christian soldiers By Valerie Mutton

Easily missed: Hot and bothered
Inco vs. MonctonBy Chris Arsenault

WTF?: Math is hard!

Harper watch: Harper watch
By Nora Tennessen

Graphic: How many Tofurkeys a-layin’?
By Jesse Kinos-Goodin and Nora Tennessen [Link opens PDF file]

Argument: Blind spot
Why The Accessible Channel’s vision is impaired By Geof Collis

List: Five reasons to oppose regional trade agreements
By Jesse McLean

Whatever happened to: The hole in the ozone layer?
By Zoe Cormier

Economics: The Montebello mystery
Are the pols and CEOs fiddling while the manufacturing sector burns? By Ellen Russell

Politics: Crude awakening
Why are environmentalists asleep at the tar sands wheel? By Dru Oja Jay

Food: Fish sticks these ain’t
Cooking lessons from the islands By Wayne Roberts

Profile: Walking the talk
Adrian Bradbury’s annual hike brings the desperate plight of Uganda to the world By Wendy Glauser

News: A toxic drop in the bucket
DIY environmentalists won’t wait for others to clear the air By Jesse McLean

WTF?: Feed on the poor, Harper watch and more

Whatever happened to: Genetically modified foods?
Frightening farming By Lauren McKeon

Graphic: Do you Facebook?
[Link opens PDF file]

Argument: Here’s the beef
Livestock is a huge source of GHGs—so where are the ads telling us to eat less meat? By Lynn Kavanagh

List: 4 cancer causers in your bathroom
By Lindsay Kneteman

Politics: Elizabeth May’s wild ride
Green Party leader dashes high hopes By Scott Piatkowski

Economics: Labour pains
Why the workers’ holiday should be more than just a day off work By Ellen Russell and Mathieu Dufour

Contrarian: Be careful what you wish for
Why we should support Palestinians without endorsing Hamas By Yifat Sisskind

Profile: A flock of sea goals
30 years later, Paul Watson is still giving poachers shitBy Dayna Boyer

News: Off the bottle
Nalgene goes on the “no buy” listBy Richard Johnson

WTF? Who knew street people had it so good?

News: Dance Another Day
007 proms—a wise choice?By Lynn Cunningham

News: We’d better get to keep Rita MacNeil By Jesse McLean

Harper watch: Kyoto By Peter Trainor

What ever happened to: Culture jamming?
Subverts take it online By Lisa Whittington-Hill

Argument: Fight the small fights
It works!By Megan Griffith-Greene

Graphic: Welcome to the new boom town
[Link opens PDF file]

List: 3 things that shouldn’t be going into landfills By Shelley Kozlowski

Politics: Dig deeper than donuts
Why aren’t media asking the hard questions about Afghanistan?By Linda McQuaig

Economics: First Nations fumble
How the Tories dropped the ball on funding By Ellen Russell

Media: Straight to the blue box
Facelifts will only hasten the newspaper’s demise By Bill Reynolds

News: Shell shocked
Privatization threatens Nova Scotia clamsBy Wanda Waterman St. Louis

WTF? Wither Maclean’s?

News: A toast to climate change
Warmer weather boosts northern wintersBy Wendy Glauser

News: LGBT youth have RR addresses, too By Jennifer O’Connor

Harper watch: Insite safe-injection facility By Peter Trainor

What ever happened to: Womyn with a ‘Y’ By Alison Lee

Argument: Too-low income? Too bad
Small farmers take another hit By Nathan Swinn

Graphic: City vs. country
[Link opens PDF file]

List: 5 loopholes in the new Federal Accountability Act By Stacy Lee Kong

Politics: The price of aid
What happens when you get what you pay for? By Dru Oja Jay

Economics: Bad date
Beware the blandishments of tax-cutting Prince Steve By Ellen Russell and Amanda Dale

Contrarian: Exurban myths
How our rural identity is sucking the life out of cities By Anna Bowness

Profile: Carol Mark’s revolution
Toronto gallery owner uses art to fund literature—in AfghanistanBy Sonja Miokovic

News: CARE’s new wave
Development group puts its money on the middle class By Wendy Glauser

Argument: Barbies gone bad
The jailbait Bratz line are no baby dolls By Dorothy Woodend

Graphic: Passport 101
See passports in a new light [Link opens PDF file] By Stacy Lee Kong

Contrarian: Democracy fever
Take two polls on electoral reform and call me in the morning By Andrew Potter

Politics: We’re still friends, right?
With Harper so wrong about Arar then, why so righteous now? By Scott Piatkowski

Economics: Empty net economics
How the Tories are deking the debt issue By Ellen Russell

Plus: This & That roundup
Guarding secret sources, blame it on the rain and four not-so-great consumables

Greening the farmMontreal housing complex goes social and sustainableBy Aimée van Drimmelen

Girls gone LuluA clothing chain’s promotion leaves the ladies coldBy Allison Gifford

Harper IndexBy Matthew Elliot

Couchsurf’s upWhen the popular site wiped out, its members didn’tBy Krisztina Kun

The virtuous Valentine’s guideHow to be good to your sweetie — and the rest of the world — on February 14 By Jennifer O’Connor

Progressive DetectiveThis month: safely disposing of old technology

Meet HALA Montreal collective’s “digital jukebox” projectBy Misha Warbanski

Blog LogThis time around: podcastingBy Ron Nurwisah

Freedom 85?Why working longer may be good for everyone but youBy Ellen Russell

Hook, line and singerThe Canadian Coalition of Music Creators has new ideas about the old issue of copyrightBy Terence Dick

What would Jesus ride?Geez magazine editor gives activism its spiritBy Bryan Borzykowski

Because everything is statisticalThis Magazine then and nowBy Lynn Cunningham

1966Twister shares our birthday [Online soon]

Life is a frozen highwayClimate change threatens northern roadsBy Jennifer Geens

Indeed, crony capitalism featured Foucauldian flaneurs…Are all words you won’t typically read in This’s pages

No choiceFredericton hospital suspends abortion servicesBy Jennifer O’Connor

An ounce of preventionBlack activists step up HIV/AIDS outreachBy Wendy Glauser [Online soon]

Blog LogThis time around: books and blogs get alongBy Ron Nurwisah

Harper IndexBy Matthew Elliot

Progressive DetectiveHoliday gifts that won’t clutter the closet [Online soon]

We thinks they doth protest too muchChallenging the Cold-fx cure for the common coldBy Soraya Roberts [Online soon]

Bring on the NovocaineStephen Harper wants to starve your beastBy Ellen Russell

No glove, no loveHow to practice safe surfBy Terence Dick [Online soon]

Queen Bee-I-T-C-HCanadian Daily Show correspondent hasn’t lost her stingBy Charles Demers

Canadian Broadcasting Corpse?Cash-strapped CBC obliged to rethink its prioritiesBy Vanessa Milne [Online soon]

Blog LogThis time around: journalism blogsBy Ron Nurwisah

Number One ThreatYour pee is toxicBy Hannah Renglich [Online soon]

Progressive DetectiveHow to make Fluffy a vegetarian
[Online soon]

Harper IndexBy Matthew Elliot

And Now A Word From Our SponsorHow PR gets onto TV newsBy Tim Querengesser [Online soon]

Whose Space?Taking over a social networking space is harder than it looksBy Tim Querengesser

Dateline RwandaFree the presses!By Blake Lambert [Online soon]

The Dominion: Someday Its Print May ComeBy Mason Wright

And Then There Were Two...CHUM takeover gets mixed reviewsBy Hannah Renglich [Online soon]

Wal-Mart’s War On WagesUS big-box retailer takes surprising stance on staff payBy Ellen Russell

The Other OneThe ultimate media monopoly showBy Terence Dick [Online soon]

Behind the BedsheetsHotel workers fight for fair conditionsBy Nicole Cohen

Progressive Detective: Bug SprayInvestigating the politics behind everyday things
[Online soon]

Blog Log: Eco BlogsA window into the wonderful but overwhelming world of the blogosphere
[Online soon]

Book Marked!School boards turn down the volume on risky readsBy Vladi Ivanov [Online soon]

Harper IndexKeeping watch on the Conservative regime By Matthew Elliot

Counting BackwardsBy Nadeem Basaria

Farewell to Nova Scotia? Here’s Your BillBy Sean Flinn [Online soon]

The Cost of One Hand ClappingBy Ryan LeClaire [Online soon]

CPP Co. Ltd.Is Stephen Harper plotting to privatize the Canada Pension Plan?By Ellen Russell and Monica Townson [Online soon]

All You, All the TimeYou Tube’s content may be lousy video, but it’s great anthropologyBy Terence Dick

A Brew of Their OwnFair trade coffee reveals its feminine sideBy Aimée van Drimmelen

Minding the ModernWhy Halifax’s newer buildings deserve respect tooBy Sean Flinn

We’re Here … and Here … and Here …Getting your Pride on across CanadaBy Zoe Whittall

Heed the SwedeTransplanted cheese maker gets Exxon’s goatBy Meagan Perry [Online soon]

Progressive Detective: PronounsInvestigating the Politics Behind Everyday Things
[Online soon]

Blog Log: BikesA window into the wonderful but overwhelming world of the blogosphere
[Online soon]

Asbestos ReservationsRaven ThunderSky’s fight for an outright banBy Brett Story [Online soon]

Comrade Harper’s One-Percent SolutionTaking aim at the Tory tax cutsBy Ellen Russell [Online soon]

Neighbourhood WatchHow cyberactivists keep the web’s traffic movingBy Terence Dick

Gone BuggyThe Urban Binning Unit: the power to change how recyclables are collectedBy Meribeth Deen

Tiny TechIt’s a nano world after allBy Zoe Cormier

Drink Outside the BoxÜberbrewers put culture in a kegBy Aimée van Drimmelen

House of SonnetsThe blurred line between poetry and politicsBy Matthew Holmes [Online soon]

Progressive Detective: DeodorantsInvestigating the Politics Behind Everyday Things
[Online soon]

We Built This City On Urban SprawlHow to make Cowtown come downtownBy Christopher DeWolf

Stats Can’tNumbed by the numbers gameBy Terence Dick

Your Bank Name HereExploring the possibility of merger mayhemBy Ellen Russell [Online soon]

Special online-only reading:Google: Over 380 Million ServedTerence Dick on Google’s world domination

Bloomfield BetrayedMunicipality sides with mouldBy Sean Flinn

SpendstrongWhy charity bracelets confuse the issuesBy Karen Darricades

The Overtime StingJournalist flies above the radarBy Nadeem Basaria

A Highway Runs Through ItBy Ron Nurwisah

Surprise PartyHow to plan a fabulous electionBy Dale Duncan

Attention Transit RidersHow much bus are you getting for your buck?

If You Build It, Will They Come?Getting taken for a ride by grand transit plansBy Tara-Michelle Ziniuk

Trustworthy?Are income trusts a social programs cash-suck?By Ellen Russell

We’re Here, We’re Square, Get Used to It!From the Christian Right to the language of the Left, there’s a new kind of identity theftBy Heather Gold

Yippee TyeeGet connected to B.C. newsBy Mason Wright

Screw the News, More BrangelinaSerious news coverage is looking a little too tabloidBy Matt Semansky

Ditch TIFF, You’re Coming with Us!The best film fests in Canada, the further from the mainstream the betterBy Lindsay Gibb

Twin CityWe’re not America, we just play America on TVBy Matt Semansky

The Billboard EffectHow far will advertisers go? Some folks are selling the skin off their backsBy Christine Davidson

Licence to SpillWill Ontario’s new environment bill really protect?By Zoe Cormier

Koda-crime!A eulogy to Kodak’s beloved Super 8 filmBy Terence Dick

Ladies Get in Free? Not Even CloseGender budget analysis sees to it that women are counted inBy Ellen Russell

Balance the BooksJoanna Chapman keeps her local government honestBy Anya Wassenberg

Situation Normal, All FNUCed UpInfighting threatens the future of Saskatoon’s First Nations University campusBy Stephen LaRose

Seizing Savage HarbourP.E.I. mussel farmers suffer as feds give free pass to underwater invadersBy Robin Gillingham

This Is Your Fish on DrugsHow the life aquatic is affected by household products that rinse down the drainBy Christine Davidson

Out WestThe other rodeo in CalgaryBy Ryan R. Schmidt

A New Kind of WarAerial assault as a peacekeeping tool: Israel’s lesson to Canada at Exercise Maple Flag?By Jon Elmer

What’s the Frequency, CanCon?Selling our soul to satellite radioBy Terence Dick

Let Them Eat PieThe economy may be growing, but not everyone’s getting a bigger sliceBy Ellen Russell

Green, Mean and Out of ControlScreaming environmentalist Tre Arrow walks the talk, but some would like him to get off his pedestalBy Chris Arsenault

The Two Faces of Foreign PolicyWhat Canada said versus what Canada did on the world stageBy David Evans

Sick and TiredResidents of Deloraine, Manitoba are taking action against long hospital waitsBy Shlomit Kriger

A Taste of Things to ComeTwo Toronto chefs are taking fast-food junkies back to basicsBy Ron Nurwisah

Tipping the ScalesHow server wages measure up across the countryBy Melissa Mewdell

Pod PeopleWhat the Shuffle can teach media consumers about the meaning of lifeBy Richard Poplak

Numbers GameAre the top 10 percent of Canadians overtaxed? Not if you look at who’s really anteing upBy Ellen Russell and Sheila Block

Mall MakeoverWill the transformation of Edmonton’s Heritage Mall into a new high-density development finally get commuters out of their cars?By Iain Ilich

Help from AboveHow aboriginal leaders can promote healing in native communitiesBy Devon Babin

Your Money, Your Choice

War of WordsPalestinian and Israeli students shoot their mouths off during university debateBy Micah Toub

Three for the Road

School of Hard KnocksWhy Cole Harbour District High School still has a lot to learnBy Colin Oswin

Race to the BottomHow Ontario schools can fight racism in the classroom—and winBy Kevin Black

Crisis of ConcentrationWhat Vancouver can learn from the diverse media landscape of WhitehorseBy Tim Querengesser

Money for NothingHow no-strings-attached transfers leave provincial budgets tied in knotsBy Ellen Russell and Hugh Mackenzie

Hungary StrikeWhy Canada closed its doors to Hungarian Roma refugeesBy Noreen Farooqui

Footloose and Cruelty-FreeLeather-look shoes let style-conscious vegans wear their politics on their feetBy Nicole Cohen

Pollution ProbeWhy the US wants to pay kids to play with pesticidesBy Craig Saunders

Freedom FightersWhat the federal government doesn’t want you to know about the way it processes Access to Information requestsBy Stephanie Farrington

Sign of the TomesThe sweatshop has moved out of the factory and into the home, where hundreds of Canadian women are doing piecework sewing in appalling conditions for next to no moneyBy Kevin Spurgaitis

Battle of the BrainsOur ranking of leading think tanks shows money really does go to your headBy Colin Oswin

Wave of ChangeThe torrent of coverage of the tsunami tragedy was media herd mentality at its finest. Let’s hope journalists continue to use their power for goodBy Arthur Johnson

An Old ExcuseOttawa is using the retirement of aging baby boomers to justify its decision to slash social programs. But we’ve heard that one beforeBy Ellen Russell

Dogged Determination Why Toronto’s hot dog hegemony has it in for anything but warmed-over wienersBy Jessica Johnston

Fightin’ wordsBy Pike Wright

War tornBy Derek Dunn

All the news that’s fit to pimp How newspapers are forsaking readers in the country’s most competitive marketBy Arthur Johnson

Sign of the tomesBy Peter Mitton

Stand-in committeesOttawa report by Aaron Freeman

Cut to the chase Tax cuts aren’t the answer — unless we can make sure they go to those who need themBy Ellen Russell

In the belly of the beastBy Sarah Fenn

Booby prizeBy Marilyn Carpenter

The road less travelled Bern Grush’s smart driving system could be the incentive people need to carpool, skip rush hour or decide to take transit instead By Craig Saunders

The truth about aid Ottawa Report by Aaron Freeman

Burn, baby, burn Why Yukon forest management companies can’t see the forest fire for the trees By Rebecca Addelman

You be the reporter Tired of media concentration? Take a lesson from South Korea By Arthur Johnson

Shopping mall thrall By Annette Bourdeau

Bay daze By Julia Williams

Your logo here How corporate advertising gets Canada Post’s stamp of approval By Annette Bourdeau

Holy smokes! By Julia Williams

Bush league By Evan Munday

Sex and the Syndicated girl Why Josey Vogels is too hot for Halifax By Sarah Fenn

Over the falls in a trash can By J. Nicole Guerin

Invest in yourself Refresher Course: By Bruce Gillespie

Minority report By Jenn Hardy

Wage slaves How to stop high end magazines from using sweatshop labour By Arthur Johnson

No status, no service—no more Why Toronto should change its tattletale approach to social welfare By Maria Amuchastegui

Get your act together Ottawa Report: By Aaron Freeman

Smoke ’em out By Jenn Hardy

The new voice of democracy How poets, not politicians, are politicizing Ottawa youth By Jackie Wallace

Minimum wage increase equals minimum benefit Refresher Course: By Bruce Gillespie

Sponsorship, shmonsorship Yes, the scandal was sleazy, but it��������������������������������s not nearly the most offensive and wasteful thing the federal Liberals have done By Jim Stanford

Plastic fantastic! Cosmetic enhancement for the common folk By Annette Bourdeau

HOW-TO: Beat the press It's often said that the first casualty of war is the truth. By Julie Crysler

Union Busted Score another win for Wal-Mart in its battle against the United Food and Commercial Workers. By Julie Crysler

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