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March-April 2009

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Cover of the March-April 2009 issue


Traffic Jamming

Around the world, cities are learning to drastically reduce, or even eliminate, car use. It could happen here too
By Jordan Heath-Rawlings [Read more]

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Big questions about a tiny car

The "people's car" of the 21st century could spur international development or wreck the climate — perhaps both. A look at the tiny car that's making big waves.
By Zoe Cormier [Read more]

Your money or your life

In a country with supposedly universal coverage, some of the most vulnerable must pay cash for health care. It costs them their livelihoods — and sometimes their lives
By Carolyn Morris [Read more]


Tim Falconer, author of Drive: A Road Trip through Our Complicated Affair with the Automobile proposes a 12-step program for breaking our addiction to cars
By Tim Falconer [Read more]

Colour, commentary

Editor’s note by Graham F. Scott [Read more]


Interview: Road Warrior
Ken Lewenza is in the CAW driver's seat — but where's he going? By Paul McLaughlin

Spotlight: A shot in the arm for boys
They're often unwitting carriers of HPB, so why no vaccinations? By Rosemary Counter

Easily Missed: Land of the lost
Canada finally restores citizenship to thousands stripped of their status By Barbara Wickens

Strong Feelings on... Proportional Representation
We're loving Fair Vote Canada, but are less than impressed by the media's PR coverage By Jesse Kinos-Goodin

Calculator: Help wanted
Need EI? Three words: location, location, location By Jenn Hardy

Security: The road to Damascus
Our own security forces sold out these men. It could happen again By Kerry Pither

Politics: Baffled at the ballot box
If our electoral system seems screwy, that's because it is By Bruce M. Hicks

Demographics: No country for old men
Baby boomers: drop the watercolours, back away slowly By RM Vaughan

Marketing: The colour of money
Marketers will slap the "green" label on just about anything. Don't be fooled By Darrell Harvey


Poetry: Four poems
By Fraser Sutherland

Fiction: Five pounds short and apologies to Nelson Algren
By Mike Spry


Postcard from: TOKYO Surprise of the Machines
Buying into vending-machine culture in Japan By David Hayes

In Profile: Worth a thousand words?
Jillian Tamaki found that literary juries are still learning how to read graphic novels By Drew Nelles

Spotlight: Reading Michael Ignatieff
He's famous for his non-fiction, but his novels tell a different story By Daniel Tencer

Listen: Please feed the birds
Calgary band is big in Europe, but home is where their hearts are By Tabassum Siddiqui

Books: Let's get it on
Canadian fiction prefers the joinery of farmhouses — not farmhands By Darryl Whetter

Web: Found in translation
The web allows immigrants to straddle two worlds like never before By Navneet Alang

Screen: The message is the medium
Are emerging cut-and-paste art forms ruining narrative storytelling? By Dorothy Woodend

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