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Cover of the September-October 2008 issue


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The times they are a-changin’

Editor’s note by Jessica Johnston [Read more]

“O” Canada

Eight Canadians weigh in on what an Obama presidency would mean north of the 49th parallel
By Judy Rebick, Doug Saunders, Rinaldo Walcott, Michael Byers, Jordan Heath-Rawlings, Dru Oja Jay, Garrett Zehr, Steve Murray [Read more]

Where the buffalo roam

Why are Canadian farmers struggling to make a living when food is in short supply and prices are skyrocketing?
By Margaret Webb [Read more]

After “the apology”

With the launch of our Truth and Reconciliation Commission on residential schools, Canada joins countries such as East Timor and South Africa, struggling with human-rights violations too big for the courts. It will span five years and cost $60-million, but will it help?
By Catherine Rolfsen [Read more]


Profile: Carbon copying
Tim Harvey proves it’s possible to go fuel free By Lauren McKeon

Easily missed: Teaching genocide
One school board gets a lesson in definitions By Melita Kuburas

WTF? Harping on freedom

Graphic: It’s the end of the world as we know it...
[Link opens PDF file] By Melissa Wilson

List: Three ways to build a better human
By Robert Near

Whatever happened to: Overpopulation? Pop goes the world
Can there be too many people? By Garrett Zehr

Environment: A way without the will
Bad choices lead to bad outcomes By Zoe Cormier

Economics: The way the world works
Our economic future lies in the politics we play By Jim Stanford


The Bitter Warmth Fiction by John Lavery

Two poems Poetry by Matthew Tierny The Eclipse Chaser

Two poems Poetry by Suzanne Robertson Flying
To the Point


Profile: As seen on TV
Toronto video artist changes the channel By Melissa Wilson

Web comic: Hard truths in “A Softer World”
By Sarah Colgrove

Hide and seek: Where’s Waldo?
By Liivi Sandy

Read This: Jeremiah, Ohio
by Adam Sol
Review by Nicholas Bradley

Books: Little lessons
Cory Doctorow’s Nineteen Eighty-Four homage is too cool for school By John Degen

Television: Changing places
Character development, American style By Jason Anderson

Web: E-bama
Why Barack is the kids’ new bicycle By Chandler Levack

Then & now: Are we poor yet?
Reading the signs of economic downturn By Lynn Cunningham

Letters to the editor

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