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You’ve got to hand it to Ken Whyte. He’s transformed Maclean’s into something we love to hate, rather than just ignore. We’ve never giggled so much at a magazine cover as over the recent Osama bin Laden “Look who’s 50!” one. But there’s sensational, and there’s just plain silly—as with the February 12 cover story, which made the highly suspect assertion that more than half of Canadian university students have admitted to serious cheating, tainting all degrees. The article inside adds insult to insult by comparing students to merchandise: “When General Motors realized last week that its Chevrolet Cobalt coupes lacked sufficient airbag padding, it recalled 98,000 cars,” the piece begins. “It’s common practice in the corporate world—standards must be met and guaranteed, or customers will lose faith in the product and the business will die. Less so in academia.” Could this be sour grapes over the fact that universities don’t want to play along with Maclean’s rankings anymore?


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