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Better with letters

Editor's note by Jessica Johnston [Read more]

Bad practice

How developing nations are suffering from Canada's doctor shortage
By Kristin Nelson

Back to the land

Why moving to the country will save us all
By Geoff Heinricks [Read more]

The accidental symbol

How Martha Hall Findlay became synonymous with "women in politics" -- despite her best efforts
By Egle Procuta [Read more]

Live from Rankin Inlet

In this Nunavut community, Darrell Greer is the news
By Kathleen Lippa [Read more]


Profile: Against the grain
A prairie boy returns to his roots By Mitch Moxley

News: Shell Shocked
Privatization threatens Nova Scotia clams By Wanda Waterman St. Louis

News: A toast to climate change
Warmer weather boosts northern wintersBy Wendy Glauser

WTF?: Wither Maclean's?

News: LGBT youth have RR addresses, too
By Jennifer O'Connor

Harper watch: Harper watch
By Peter Trainor

Whatever happened to: Womyn with a "Y"?
By Alison Lee

Argument: Too-low income? Too bad
Small farmers take another hit By Nathan Swinn

List: 5 loopholes in the new Federal Accountability Act
By Stacy Lee Kong

Politics: The price of aid
What happens when you get what you pay for? By Dru Oja Jay

Graphic: City vs. country
[Link opens PDF file]

Economics: Bad Date
Beware the blandishments of tax-cutting Prince Steve By Ellen Russell and Amanda Dale

Contrarian: Exurban myths
How our rural identity is sucking the life out of cities By Anna Bowness


3 Sennets Poetry by Camille Martin

3 Sonnets Poetry by David W. McFadden

Animal Fiction by Alexandra Leggat


Profile: A gallery falls in the forest
Storm closes George Sawchuck's 30-year show By Grant Shilling

Music: Almost famous
By Jo Snyder

Fun: Kidding around
By Stacy Lee Kong

Live music: Rockin’ rural roadhouses By Christine Davidson

Read this: Dead Centre: Hope, Possibility and Unity for Canadian Progressives, by Jamey Heath
Review by John Degen

Television: TV nation
The idiot box: not just for idiots By Lisa Whittington-Hill

Web: It’s in the vault
Is privacy possible in the digital age? By Terence Dick

Then & now: Campus confidential
Quick, it's time to study up on your university history
before the pop quiz By Lynn Cunningham

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