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Cover of the November-December 2005 issue


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Text, Lies and Celluloid

Liev Schreiber, Atom Egoyan, Clement Virgo, Tamara Faith Berger and Michael Turner discuss the pulp-to-picture process
By Jason Anderson

The Real Hollywood North

The English/French divide in terms of audience, authorship, attitude—and l’argent
By Richard Poplak [Read more]

Let’s Play “Spot the Canadian”

Editor’s Note By Emily Schultz [Read more]

The Real Deal

Big-screen docs may be all the rage, but the rise of the real has a dangerous side
By Katerina Cizek [Read more]

To Ogre, With Love

More than fan letters: one girl’s diary survives America’s rustbelt and becomes art
By Brian Joseph Davis [Read more]


Yippee TyeeGet connected to B.C. newsBy Mason Wright

Screw the News, More BrangelinaSerious news coverage is looking a little too tabloidBy Matt Semansky

Ditch TIFF, You’re Coming with Us!The best film fests in Canada, the further from the mainstream the betterBy Lindsay Gibb PLUS: Our comprehensive list of film festivals in Canada.

Twin CityWe’re not America, we just play America on TVBy Matt Semansky

The Billboard EffectHow far will advertisers go? Some folks are selling the skin off their backsBy Christine Davidson

Licence to SpillWill Ontario’s new environment bill really protect?By Zoe Cormier

Koda-crime!A eulogy to Kodak’s beloved Super 8 filmBy Terence Dick

Ladies Get in Free? Not Even CloseGender budget analysis sees to it that women are counted inBy Ellen Russell


Pick up the November/December issue to read this year’s winning entries. They won’t be available online, so don’t delay!

Fiction 1st place Five-Fifteen By Sunita Popli

Fiction 2nd place Boy Dancing By Marjorie Celona

Fiction 3rd place The Long-Haired Dog Girl By Cathleen With

Poetry 1st place Still Life By Matthew Tierny

Poetry 2nd place Optic Nerve By Matthew Tierny

Poetry 3rd place Slide Show By S.E. Venart


Unite the Write?Are freelance writers due for a union?By Julie Crysler

Art Attack #8Montreal duo attacks with their confrontational public art installationsBy Ron Nurwisah

The Antiques WordshowDarren Weshler-Henry takes up typewriters’ place in time in his book The Iron WhimBy Suzanne Alyssa Andrew

Don’t Fear the RipperNothing is sacred in Velcrow Ripper’s apolitical SacredSacredBy Charles Demers

Back StoryThe Smackdown!The lowdown on pro wrestling and race in the current political climateBy Michael Holmes

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