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The great byte hope

Transhumanists envision a radical future in which man and machine are one and death is a relic of the past. Should we prepare to enter the post-human state, transcending the limits of our natural bodies, or should we let evolution run its own course?
By Andre Mayer [Read more]

Blood oranges

Winner of the 2004 prize for creative non-fiction
By Munju Ravindra [Read more]

Magical mystery cure

What would you do if a lobotomy was your only hope for happiness? Today the procedure is called psychosurgery and it continues to be prescribed to treat mental illness, though many psychiatrists argue the mentally ill need it like a hole in the head
By Danielle Egan [Read more]

Psychiatry’s brainchild

By Patricia D’Souza


Dogged determination Why Toronto’s hot dog hegemony has it in for anything but warmed-over wienersBy Jessica Johnston

Fightin’ wordsBy Pike Wright

War tornBy Derek Dunn

All the news that’s fit to pimp How newspapers are forsaking readers in the country’s most competitive marketBy Arthur Johnson

Sign of the tomesBy Peter Mitton

Stand-in committeesOttawa report by Aaron Freeman

Cut to the chase Tax cuts aren’t the answer — unless we can make sure they go to those who need themBy Ellen Russell

In the belly of the beastBy Sarah Fenn

Booby prizeBy Marilyn Carpenter


Two stories by M.A.C. Farrant Sixty degrees
Because of Russell Edson

Disparate housewivesStuart Ross interviews M.A.C. Farrant

Thank youA poem by Hugh Thomas


Watch and learn By Dawn Calleja

What women wantIn Chatelaine, Canadian women are getting the message they asked for. But it feels like something is missing from the mixBy Lisa Rundle

Note to self By Sue McCluskey

Read This: The best of Canadian small press Secret Trial: Brian Mulroney, Stevie Cameron and the Public Trust, by William Kaplan, review by Andrew Potter
Summat Else, by Royson Tester, review by Adam Lewis Schroeder
Rue du Regard, by Todd Swift, review by Chris Chambers

Chipping away By Patricia D’Souza

Hear This: Off the beaten track Neko Case, The Tigers have Spoken (Mint Records)
The Telepathic Butterflies, Songs From a Second Wave (Rainbow Quartz)
Stars, Set Yourself on Fire (Arts & Crafts)
Reviews by Lisa Whittington-Hill

Question AuthorityGive peace a chanceHetty van Gurp’s crusade against cruelty Interview by Andre Mayer

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