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Five pounds short and apologies to Nelson Algren
Fiction by Mike Spry

I got my 30-pound monkey when I was about 16. I'd like to say that I ordered him from an ad in the back of a comic book, because I'm old enough to remember when you could order exotic items like 30-pound monkeys from ads in the backs of comic books. Part of a simpler life. At least then I could blame Marvel or DC instead of myself. I wonder if you can still order stuff from the backs of comic books. I don't read them anymore, of course, so I wouldn't know. I still wonder though.

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Smoke Fiction by Leigh Nash

The Bitter Warmth Fiction by John Lavery

Two poems Poetry by Matthew Tierny The Eclipse Chaser

Two poems Poetry by Suzanne Robertson Flying
To the Point

Why the Psychiatrist Laughed Fiction by Karl Jirgens

Four poems Poetry by Ally Fleming C Squared
All postcards feature the CN Tower
Here hold this frayed wire

It’s easy to be a moralist when you’re ugly Fiction by Jon Paul Fiorentino

Four poems Poetry by Robert Earl Stewart Big Bad Bannock
Praying Mantis Bake Sale
Cento for a Rat-Packer
Uncle: Foresaken

Two poems Poetry by Laura Farina Twelve Lines for Spring

Walking Along Steeles at Midnight Fiction by Sara Heinonen

Three poems Poetry by Clarice Eckford A Yellow Book Sits Beside Us. We Must Not Look In It. It Frightens Us.
Pigeons (1)
Pigeons (2)

Two poems Poetry by David O’Meara Café in Bodrum
The Old Year

Six stories Fiction by Sina Queyras A story about small labours
A story about swimming
A story in which time does not pass
A story according to Raymond Carver
After confessions, a story
Beneath the surface of the mind, a sort of story

Three poems Poetry by Elizabeth Bachinsky Dear Dr. Heung,
Int. Back of Police Car. Night or Notes for a Film in Which an International Pedophile Returns to Canada to Await Trial and Certain Imprisonment
Pig Iron

Great Canadian Literary Hunt 2007 Winners in the November-December issue
Buy the November-December issue of This to read all the winning entries in both the fiction and poetry categories!

16 haikus Poetry by Tom Walmsley

I know it’s serious Fiction by Sandra Alland

Bell Fiction by Michael Boyce

At Last at Sea Fiction by Sarah Steinberg

3 Poems Poetry by Dani Couture

Animal Fiction by Alexandra Leggat

3 Sennets Poetry by Camille Martin

3 Sonnets Poetry by David W. McFadden

In Summer TenseFiction by Maria Smythe

Fish of Rage Poetry by Gary Barwin

Sorrow for Frogsong Poetry by Paul Vermeersch

A Matter of Letting GoFiction by Claire Chippindale

2 poems by Souvankham Thammavongsa The heart
Thermometer, a diagram of

Special Expanded Anniversary Section

For our special 40th anniversary issue, we assembled an expanded literary section featuring new work by just a handful of the many fiction writers and poets who have contributed to This Magazine over the years. More work will be put online in the coming weeks, so check back soon!

SquirrelPoetry by Chris Chambers

QuaysidePoetry by Evelyn Lau

Market place religionPoetry by Lillian Allen

The boy who waited three minutesFiction by Stuart Ross

How I relate to American poetryFiction by John Degen

Declarations of WarPoetry by Jim Smith

SundialPoetry by Kevin Connolly

Old PostcardPoetry by Phil Hall

Brother DumbBook excerpt by Sky Gilbert

They Give EvidencePoetry by Margaret Atwood

Satchel PaigePoetry by George Bowering

Dufferin Grove ParkPoetry by RM Vaughan


This year marks the 10th anniversary of This Magazine’s Great Canadian Literary Hunt! Congratulations to our winners, Mary Thaler (Fiction) and Sean Horlor (Poetry). Their winning entries, along with second and third place winners in each category, can be found in the September-October issue. Big thanks go out to Contest Co-ordinator Matthew Elliot and Assistant Co-ordinator Hannah Renglich, and to our judges: John Lavery, Carmelita McGrath and Damian Rogers (Fiction) and Kevin Connolly, Souvankham Thammavongsa and Jeanette Lynes (Poetry).

The Montreal Trip Fiction 1st place By Mary Thaler

Hapless Girl with a Port Wine Stain on Her Left Cheek Fiction 2nd place By P.R. Barr

More Fruit Fiction 3rd place By Wendy Brandts

In Praise of Beauty Poetry 1st place By Sean Horlor

A Recently Rediscovered Note from a Girlfriend Poetry 2nd place By James Harbeck

My Parents’ Past Poetry 3rd place By Leslie Vryenhoek

What We Do With It Poetry honourable mention By Jessica Block

There’s Been a Terrible MistakePoetry by Jeff Pew

Looks Like an AppleBy Susan Kernohan [Online soon]

Q+AStuart Ross interviews Susan Kernohan [Online soon]

The Right Hand Man By Noah Leznoff

Q+AStuart Ross Interviews Noah Leznoff

2 poems by Julie Hartley Clown Queen
Snow Suitor

Cool By Kate Sutherland

Floating on FictionStuart Ross Interviews Kate Sutherland

3 poems by Lance La Rocque Heat
The Warm Black Sky

3 poems by Ali Riley the Heart is a lonely long-distance runner
Snow White Spills

Tearing Down the WestStuart Ross Interviews Ali Riley

The Mouths of Babes By Heather Hogan


Congratulations to the winners of our 9th Annual Great Canadian Literary Hunt: Sunita Popli (Fiction) and Matthew Tierny (Poetry). You will find their winning entries, along with second and third place winners in each category, in the Nov/Dec 2005 issue. Thanks also to our celebrity judges, Gil Adamson, Clint Burnham and Priscila Uppal (Fiction) and Jennifer LoveGrove, David O’Meara and Mark Truscott (Poetry).

Fiction 1st place Five-Fifteen By Sunita Popli

Poetry 1st place Still Life By Matthew Tierny

Fiction 2nd place Boy Dancing By Marjorie Celona

Poetry 2nd place Optic Nerve By Matthew Tierny

Fiction 3rd place The Long-Haired Dog Girl By Cathleen With

Poetry 3rd place Slide Show By S.E. Venart

Hum and DroneBy Joanna Huffa

6 poems by Jason Heroux Winter vista
The dog woke up
Odd-Sized Screws Kept In A Drawer
Flower shop
The Sea Never Drowns
Postcard from a parking lot

Playing Poker With Robert BlyStuart Ross Interviews Jason Heroux

3 Very Grimm Fairy Tales By Trevor Strong Sylvia’s Dream
The Boy With Too Many Teeth
The Three Brothers

Tall TalesStuart Ross Interviews Trevor Strong

the rapture is upon us By Stephanie Warner

4 Poems by Jeanette Lynes The Inner World of the Orange
Fundamentals of Oxygen in Intimate Situations
Twiggy’s Prayer
Summer Waitresses, Bucko’s Resort, 1986

Pom-poms and PoetryStuart Ross Interviews Jeanette Lynes

Phoolan Devi in Mount PleasantBy Clint Burnham

Need Help By Gil Adamson

Alienation AutopsyStuart Ross Interviews Gil Adamson

3 Poems by Michael Dennis the sound you hear
closer to death

Two stories by M.A.C. Farrant Sixty degrees
Because of Russell Edson

Disparate housewivesStuart Ross interviews M.A.C. Farrant

Thank youA poem by Hugh Thomas


Congratulations to the winners of our 8th Annual Great Canadian Literary Hunt: Terence Young (Fiction) and Sadiqa de Meijer (Poetry). You will find their winning entries, along with second and third place winners in each category, in the Nov/Dec 2004 issue. Thanks also to our celebrity judges, M.A.C Farrant, Derek McCormack and Suki Lee (Fiction) and Wayde Compton, Melanie Little and Jon Paul Fiorentino (Poetry).

Fiction 1st place Dream Vacation By Terence Young

Poetry 1st place Department Store By Sadiqa De Meijer

Fiction 2nd place The Science in Loving Art By Baijayanta Mukhopadhyay

Poetry 2nd place Jane By Shannon Stewart

Fiction 3rd place The Itches By André Rodrigues

Poetry 3rd place Holes in the backdrop By Kelly-Rose Pflug

My Last Visit to Lester’s By Doug Melnyk

To Do By Elyse Friedman

Animal magnetism Interview with Doug Melnyk By Stuart Ross

Cold Lake Karaoke Bar By Laurie Fuhr

Dazzle By Jason Anderson

Interview with Jason Anderson By Stuart Ross

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